We believe in positive change for Africa.

Our goal is to deliver great leaders to impact Africa. We’re a leading headhunting search firm focused on transforming the African mining sector through leadership. We headhunt for Corporate, Site leadership and African leadership.

The world has moved on. We’re now more aware than ever of our impact on the precious resources of the planet. And that’s why modern mining leaders work differently to those of the past 20 years or so. We work with the premier mining companies in Africa.

At Williams Mining, everything we do is focused on improving mining companies with great people. Founder, Derek Williams was born into a family of Ghanaian Miners, and mining has run through his blood for over 3 generations. While growing up in London, his grandfather’s mining stories from childhood has always had a big impact on Derek’s life. This passion is seen everyday at Williams Mining through their long history of bringing top mining companies together with the best candidates throughout the world. Williams Mining understands what it takes to make mining companies better, safer, more efficient and more profitable.

Our Services

We’re passionate about delivering the best leadership solutions to our clients. We’re proud of doing work that contributes to successful careers, stronger companies, and a better Africa.

For over 9 years we’ve networked with some of the greatest minds in the industry who can have added significant value to our clients boards of directors.

Board Recommendation

Our dedicated corporate team travel across the world to Johannesburg, Accra, Toronto, Vancouver, Perth, Paris and London. The capitals of the African Mining sector. It’s important we understand your corporate culture and how we can add value.


Whether project or operational leadership, we are experts in delivering great talent onsite in Africa.

Site Leadership

The progressive state of Africa has seen the emergence of Africa leaders in the sector. With our strong African background and cultural understanding you’re in great hands for top African leadership talent.

African Leadership

WHY Williams Mining

Attracting talent is one thing but keeping them is what sets Williams Mining apart. We have a proud record of over 92% of our placed leaders extending their contracts with our clients. Retaining your workforce delivers a huge cost saving to your business, as you don’t have the time, effort and money needed to find new recruits. We’re here to help your business save money.
Contingency Pricing
Having a long-term relationship with our clients is paramount to what we believe. Our clients share our vision, and because of this we can offer flexibility on pricing. Speak to us today if you have any questions about our contingency model.
We listen first
As with the old adage ‘we have two ears and one mouth’. We take a holistic, integrated view of your business strategy, organization, leadership, and governance needs. Our role isn’t to tell you what and who you need for your business. We listen to your needs and advise accordingly. If we feel that you don’t need to recruit, then we’ll tell you so. Straight talking helps both us and you.
We put information into action
We deliver research-based, innovative solutions to the most strategic challenges. We spend at least a month every year out there in the field, learning what the current trends are and making sure we’re at the cutting edge of the market. This means we adapt and pivot with your business, staying as agile as you are.
We match strength with strategy
We have a deep understanding of the critical attributes it takes to lead, in the context of your unique organizational strategy. Look at us as an extension of your business - the recruitment arm. We marry our values with those of your organisation to ensure that our relationship has synergies that drive us both forward.
We know the market
Our understanding enables us to deliver candidates within a timely manner. Again, we spend time at the coalface, as it were, understanding what the market is doing and where we need to adapt. All of this is for your benefit. We can find you the perfect match because we know the market inside out.
We deliver results
Leaders appointed by Williams Mining are three times more likely to be promoted within twenty-four months. That’s out track record. Can you say that of your current recruitment company? If not, then get in touch today as we need to talk.
We work hard for you
It’s that simple. We treat your business as it was out own, with an urgency that results are needed. All of our efforts are to ensure that you get the results you need. All of our team work tirelessly to match your expectations of us. We’re determined to become your only point of contact when it comes to recruiting mining talent.


CFO of a mid-tier copper mining company

The team at Williams Mining really took time to understand our unique requirements. They assisted with the appointment of a Finance Director in 2013 who is still here amongst further positions onsite and corporate. Since then we’ve only used Williams Mining for our personnel requirements.

Process Manager, Australian Mining Company

Sorted us out with some strong technical guys

Chief Operating Officer, Major Copper Mining Company

We work with Williams Mining because they can identify candidates we can’t reach

Vice President of Human Resources and People Development; Mid-tier Gold Mining Company Canada with properties in Africa.

We initially had a role for 6 months before we commissioned it to Williams Mining. Our first time working with this agency, and not our last. They were able to fill the role in 2 weeks

CEO, Mid-tier Gold Mining Company

Experienced. Reliable. Effective

Developing Partnerships To Grow Careers