We believe in positive change.

Positive change in Africa and Latin America is what we are about. We achieve this by providing our clients with the best possible standard of mining recruits.

What we do

Great leaders make great companies. In turn, this influences the health and wealth of the country. When recruiting our focus is on identifying candidates with that certain special something. We don’t pass them to our clients until we have vetted them carefully and looked at the difference they have made to other businesses in the past. Whether you have posts to fill within corporate or site leadership, we provide the best.

Building a great Africa

Passion is what drives us. Our goal is for Africa to hold a place of strength when viewed by the rest of the world. At the same time, we are careful to take heed of the impact that mining can have upon the precious resources of the country and the planet. With this in mind, we work with premier mining organisations within Africa, providing recruits that can work with modern mining techniques. The mining methods of 20 years ago are no longer relevant, which is why our recruitment service focuses on those used to working with new technology and up-to-the-minute mining processes.

A provider of great people

Our ethos as a company is one of empowering African mining companies by providing them with great people to join their team. Our founder, Derek Williams, comes from a family of Ghanaian Miners. He has mining in his blood and it has been this way for more than three generations. The difference made by his grandfather before him has remarkably influenced his life. His wish is to unite top African mining companies with the best quality candidates, whether working in the field or office-based executive posts.

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Williams Mining understands what it takes to make mining companies better, safer, more efficient and more profitable. Call the team at Williams Mining today. Find out more about the high-calibre candidates we can provide and the many benefits that your business will accrue.

Our Services

We’re passionate about delivering the best leadership solutions to our clients. We’re proud of doing work that contributes to successful careers, stronger companies, and a better Africa.

For over 9 years we’ve networked with some of the greatest minds in the industry who can have added significant value to our clients boards of directors.

Board Recommendation

Our dedicated corporate team travel across the world to Johannesburg, Accra, Toronto, Vancouver, Perth, Paris and London. The capitals of the African Mining sector. It’s important we understand your corporate culture and how we can add value.


Whether project or operational leadership, we are experts in delivering great talent onsite in Africa.

Site Leadership

The progressive state of Africa has seen the emergence of Africa leaders in the sector. With our strong African background and cultural understanding you’re in great hands for top African leadership talent.

African Leadership

WHY Williams Mining

We listen
By taking the time to accrue a holistic, balanced understanding of your business, we dig deep. Your business strategy, organisational culture, leadership and governance needs all help build the ‘big picture’. We then take this valuable information, enabling us to provide innovative and bespoke solutions for even the most challenging cases. Combining strength with other critical attributes, we deliver our service seamlessly.
We understand success
Our unique in-house assessment tools measure not only each candidate’s skills but also their personality and attitude towards the role. Our vast database is continually updated, providing us with a pool of potential candidates to draw from. Diagnostics cover not only all aspects of the African mining industry, but also organisational level and job function.
We know the market inside-out
For generations, our founder’s family have been involved with the African mining industry. We have intricate insight into the capacity of each job description and the expected salaries. Clients have confidence in our procedure, knowing that by the time they make that final decision, they have the right candidate for the role. This is proven by the outstanding levels of success achieved by our recruitment team. When we place a candidate into a role, not only are we ensuring a good fit but also that they will stay in that position long term.
We give 100% Commitment
Our relationships with clients and candidates come first. We work hard to keep our network vibrant, continually leveraging market intelligence to help fill roles with top-class mining talent. Our low attrition rates says it all. Candidates placed by us stay put.
Our unique approach
Because our service covers both the corporate and on-site environments, we are uniquely placed to fill all types of roles within the mining sector. We have a reputation for boosting the productivity and ROI of our clients by placing some of the world’s key talent into vital positions within their company. We simultaneously solve our clients’ problems by building on the careers of our candidates.
We focus on the health of the planet
Mined resources are vital to everyone upon the planet but the process has to be carried out ethically and in ways that protect the planet. By focusing only on the most skilled people and those that have a good understanding of ethical mining practices, we help shoulder the responsibility.
We work proactively
The standard reactive recruitment model no longer works. By working proactively, we identify those candidates who have the potential to be future leaders. By keeping abreast of trends within the market as well as changes in technology, we work with a data-driven model based upon detailed forensics.


CFO of a mid-tier copper mining company

The team at Williams Mining really took time to understand our unique requirements. They assisted with the appointment of a Finance Director in 2013 who is still here amongst further positions onsite and corporate. Since then we’ve only used Williams Mining for our personnel requirements.

Process Manager, Australian Mining Company

Sorted us out with some strong technical guys

Chief Operating Officer, Major Copper Mining Company

We work with Williams Mining because they can identify candidates we can’t reach

Vice President of Human Resources and People Development; Mid-tier Gold Mining Company Canada with properties in Africa.

We initially had a role for 6 months before we commissioned it to Williams Mining. Our first time working with this agency, and not our last. They were able to fill the role in 2 weeks

CEO, Mid-tier Gold Mining Company

Experienced. Reliable. Effective

Developing Partnerships To Grow Careers